Disappointments in Life, Not a Disappointing Life

This helps to live a bit with the disappointments of life.

It’s obvious that life doesn’t turn out the way we want it to. We’ve heard the stories for forever now but it’s hard to not feel left behind or forgotten by all the successes or miracle stories. For me, I’ve always wanted to get married and to have an awesome career.

I’m not discrediting myself in any way. I see what I’ve achieved and I see how much I’ve overcome. I thank God throughout my daily life for all He continues to provide for me. But I’m ever too keen to this gap. My soul seems to be yearning to grow in one particular direction and I never seem to get traction in that particular direction!

I’m totally bummed out that I’ll be thirty this year and still not feel near to that goal. We’ve all got different goals but I bet we’ve all experienced disappointment and repeatedly too. I guess the blessing really is just in being alive. Being grateful for all that you’ve went through and all you’ve witnessed and keeping your hope in God, knowing that He’s heard your prayers and trusting that He’s working things out the way that He sees best.

I’m here to remind you to hold onto your pearls. Hold on to what’s precious in your life and never decide to throw them away to someone or something that doesn’t see them as at least equally precious. God forbid you’ve tossed those precious pearls into some mud! Hands and knees baby! Pick those up, rinse those off and get back on track!!

As the Instagram post I came across a few mins ago stated:

He’s an “I don’t care how far you’ve run, just come home” kinda God.

I accept the tender, kind, gracious, comforting love that my God provides me as much as I accept His pruning in preparation for the eternity we will spend together in time to come.

Matthew 7:6
Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast ye your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn again and rend you.

Psalm 119:116
Uphold me according unto thy word, that I may live:
and let me not be ashamed of my hope.

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